Gastric Bypass Diet

Gastric Bypass Diet for Effective Weight loss

Gastric bypass diet is one of the ways of treating morbid obesity. This is the type of foods that are recommended for the patients after undergoing the surgery. It is one of the last lines of treatment after trying some of the known methods like change in lifestyle, exercising and a few others. Before undergoing the surgical procedure it is necessary that he understands what are expected of him after the procedure. They are requested to observe the special meal plan immediately after the procedure. This is to make time for the complete healing of the stomach and to become used to the reconstructed system. The patients must know the different diets that are required of him. These are four types of diets. Here are some of the diet plans the patients must observe.

The first few days after the surgical procedure the patient are restricted to the clear liquid diet. These diets must be served to the patients at room temperature. The foods that are served at this stage include flat sodas, gelatin deserts, clear broth, fresh fruit juice and water. The patients at this stage of the post procedure period could consume small quantities of these foods.

The second set of diet that would be observed after a few days of the operation is the consumption of semi liquid diets. These foods are sugar free; they consist of blended and pureed meals. Some of the foods that are served at this stage include the drinks that are full of protein, mashed potatoes, vegetable, pureed fruits, and skimmed milk as well as cream soups. These foods are required to be smooth so as to avoid endangering the staple line. This is one of the most phases and it could last for a month or less.

After about one month of the surgical procedure, the patient would change diet again. This time he would start to have a taste of the semi solid diet. Some of the diets recommended for the patients at this stage include the chopped meat, cooked vegetables and soft fresh fruits. The foods must be mashed. The consumption rate has to be slow; the foods must be chewed very well before swallowing them. The patience could take about four meals to six daily.

The last stage of the gastric bypass diet is the stage the patient would start consuming low fat solid diet. This is about two months after the surgical procedure. The foods must consume slowly with the aim of seeing whether the stomach would tolerate that. Some solids would digest easier and faster than others. The patients must start with those solids that are easier to digest and leave out those ones that are more difficult to digest. The process will continue until the patient is able to consume all the recommended solid foods.

The essence of the four stages is to help the body to be used in the reconstructed internal systems. It is a way of making the body to adjust itself to lower fats which are the foods that are recommended for the patients at this time. The dietary pattern could help to control weight if the patient is to stick to it. If he abuses it the same problem could manifest again.