How Do I Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

How Do I Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Obese patients are always asking how do I lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. There is a simple way of achieving this. Only three things are involved. They include the dietary plan, exercise regime and a change in lifestyle. The most important among them include the dietary plan. Although the other two contribute to the overweight conditions, the major battle against overweight always starts with the things eaten.

To start with the person must consume breakfast every day. The era was gone when the obese patients were asked to skip breakfast and other meals. Research has shown that breakfast is the most important meal which everybody must take. It helps the obese patients in several ways. The first is that if helps to awaken the metabolic processes of the patients. The breakfast helps to sustain the body by preventing the urge for more foods. When one skips the breakfast the tendency to overeat is always there. The important thing that the person must consider about the breakfast is the type and the quantity of foods that must be consumed. It is better to consume only the healthy foods in the morning and other times of the day. These are the foods that add fiber to the body. These help to burn the fat.

When one has taken the breakfast he could take other foods at frequent intervals. These have to be small quantities of healthy foods. The essence of eating small quantities of food is to curb the urge to consume heavy foods. It is the consumption of the heavy foods that are responsible for the problem of overweight.

Exercising is very important for the overweight patient who wants to shed the excess weight. It is very difficult for persons who are not used to routine exercises to start and sustain it. The exercises are very important for any weight loss program to achieve the intended objectives. The exercises do not need to be that rigorous. It has to be that simple exercises the person always like doing such as walking, jogging, running and such other simple exercises. Exercises are necessary because they burn off the unused fat in the system and help the patient to be of good health while the weight loss efforts last. The exercises are also important in developing the muscles of the obese patients.

For any weight loss efforts to have the desired long time effects, there must be a change in lifestyle. One thing is to reduce weight and another thing is to sustain that effort. That is where the challenge is actually. Most people who have achieved the weight loss regain the weight after a short time because they could not sustain that effort. This is because they fall back to the same behavior that was responsible for the obese conditions. Any weight loss plan that does not include a change in lifestyle would not achieve the desired result. Any person that is seriously seeking how I lose 10 pounds in 2 Weeks must consider the factors.