Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis: the top six procedures
One of the best options the overweight individuals adopt to shed the excess fats from their body system is the laser liposuction. The improvement in technologies has facilitated the production of several devices that are used to remove stubborn fats from the body. Those who are finding it difficult to reduce their excess weights could try laser lipolysis. There are about six different lipolysis procedures that work in different parts of the world.

It could be said that the most popular liposuction method many people seek in this country is the smartlipo method. This is a very smart procedure which uses 1064 nm ND. This melts the fatty cells in the body before its extractions. This device is the best of its kind in the market today. For greater precision and for the best weight reduction the device is available in Triplex and the MPX formats. This is the popular choice for many overweight patients.

Another great laser liposuction device is the LipoLite. This is used primarily for the removal of some of the fibrous fat from the body system and as a facelift procedure. This device is applied to the larger areas of the body and some dedicated parts where fatty tissues are having a capacity of 1064nm ND. This device could be used with a plastic surgery procedure because it has both a tightening and tissue shrinking effects. Some of the plastic surgery procedures it could be used with include breast enhancement and the tummy tuck and a few others.

Another liposuction device that is popular in the market includes the SlimLipo device. This device is meant to do away with superficial fats from the body. It could also be used for body sculpting. One of the features is that it enhances quick recovery and there is also a minimal downtime. This device makes use of 924 and 975 nm of wavelengths. This is the best approach for anybody who wants to tone up or to tighten up after undergoing weight loss procedures.

CoolLipo is another type of laser liposuction device for treating overweight. This device is the most appropriate for the treatment of a smaller portion of the body such as the saddle bags and the love handles. This is the best option for those weight patients who are already regaining their normal shape and for those patients who want to undergo the tummy tuck exercises. Also those individuals who want to reduce some few inches from the parts of the body like the hips, and thighs could use this device to achieve their objectives. This device does not involve extensive fat removal from the body system.

The laser lipolysis procedure that affects the deeper tissues of the overweight patients is the LipoTherme. Most patients might want to do away with those superficial fats that are deep into their body system. This is the most appropriate procedure to get rid of such fats from the body.

Another great procedure is the ProLipo device. For the smallest and dedicated fatty parts of the body, this is the best procedure to remove them. The dedicated parts of the body the device could be used include the areas around the knees, jaw line. All these procedures target all the difficult fatty portions of the body and tighten the skins as well.