I-Lipo Fat Reduction Laser Therapy

I-Lipo Fat Reduction Laser Therapy: the Truth you Must Know

I-Lipo fat reduction laser therapy is one of the latest lipolysis providing the best means of achieving a reduction of fat tissues from the body system without pain and needles and there is nothing like downtime associated with it. The way the method works is very simple, it emits lower laser energy levels, this creates signals in the fat cells of the patients. This breaks down the fatty acids and the glycerol stored in the triglycerides. These are released to the cell membranes as channels. Both the glycerol and the fatty acids are eventually transported to the body system where they are converted to energy. This is a natural response to the body system when it needs the reserve energy. The I-Lipo does not in any way create an unnatural reaction to the body and it neither affects nor damages anything within the body. A period of post exercise would ensure the total removal from the body system of those released fatty acids.

There are several advantages associated with the I-Lipo system which make it very popular among the overweight patients. One of the benefits is that it is chemically proven to reduce the excess fats from the body system. When the treatments are repeated the results are often amazing. When the patients carried out a light exercise there is an effective removal of fats from the body.

The other benefit is that the treatment is affordable. When this type of treatment is compared with the other fat reduction techniques like liposuction and ultrasound one would see that it is the cheapest among all of them. That is one of the reasons many people would opt for that instead of the expensive methods.

Another great benefit people derive from this system is that it is painless and safe to carry out. This is because the method adopts low level visible-laser light. With this, it creates painless, safe and bio-stimulation to the areas of the body it is targeted. It does pose any type of threat to the body system because no paths of the body or the tissue would be damaged as a result of the treatment. It is safe to perform this treatment on all types of skins and different areas of the body affected by fatty tissues. It is one of the safest fat reduction treatments available out there for the fatty patients.

The other benefit of I-Lipo fat reduction laser therapy is that the patients would see the immediate results after the treatment. Within every treatment about 2 to 4 cm abdominal circumference reduction could be achieved. For an effective treatment with this method it is recommended a total of 8 treatments which is broken down to 2 treatments for a week. This means that the complete treatment could be concluded in a month.

This is the method used to achieve a targeted fat reduction. That is a reduction of the specific part of the body with excess fats. This could be done by having the laser pads positioned in the targeted area of the body such as the upper arms, the chin, the abdomen, the thighs and the other parts of the body one wants to reduce the excess fats.