Why Can’t I Lose Weight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?
It is possible to see some obese patients who have tried different methods to shed their excess weights but could not succeed. To some of them the dream of achieving the desired weight is unrealizable. That is why one of the questions asked in weight loss forums include why can’t I lose weight? There are several factors that make it difficult for the obese patients to lose weights. The earlier they understand the difficulties and start to tackle it the better for them. The first question the obese patient should resolve is how he came to the obese conditions. In finding the answers to the question it would be clear to him that he comes to that condition through his habit. The first thing he must do if he is to realize his dream is a change of habit. Here are some of the factors that make it impossible for the obese patients to lose weights.
The major cause is a bad eating habit. It is recommended that the obese patients should control the way they eat. Unfortunately, a lot of them interpreted it to mean starving themselves. This is dangerous for the weight loss efforts. This is because when they starve, the body would react by storing fat in the body. Not only does the body store fat, there would be craving for more foods. This is because the patient would be over hungry and this would push him or her to eat more than necessary and these are stored in the belly and other parts of the body as fat deposit.

The way out of the bad eating habit is eating small meals at frequent intervals. It is better to consume non fatty foods like chocolates and cakes that are not dangerous to the body. This will prevent the cravings for food. One should eat those foods that would make him full for a longer period. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken when one becomes hungry.

Another thing that makes the weight loss plan for many patients not to work is stress. Stress is not good for the body. With stress the diet plan would never work. When one is depressed he would not have enough rest and this affects the body negatively. He would also not concentrate on the type of food he consumes. The person must need enough rest to achieve the weight loss dreams.

Another common reason is lack of exercise. Any obese patient asking the question Why Can’t I Lose Weight? He should know that he is not including exercise as part of the weight loss plan. There is no way there would be a weight loss without exercises and workout. Exercise is helpful because it burns off the excess calories in the body. The obese patient must be disciplined while pursuing the weight loss objectives. He should know that it is very difficult to lose weights. He needs to be patience. He must also consult his doctor regularly to review his program.