The Truth about Exercise and Weight Loss

The Truth about Exercise and Weight Loss
Lots of people are complaining they are exercising and but their weight is still not changing. The answer for this is the weight loss strategy for such a patient is not working. The truth about exercise and weight loss which the patients must know is many. The patient must not expect a miracle overnight. One should know the type of results he should expect from exercise and other weight loss strategies.

One truth one needs to consider exercise is that it is just one of the methods of weight loss. There is no way the patient would get rid of all the fat in the body by resorting to exercise alone. Exercise is very good but it must be combined with other weight loss strategies. There is no doubt that exercise is ideal for every patient. For one to talk about effective weight loss emphasis must also be paid to healthy diet. The diet is very important. It must be handled before the exercise. There is no way the exercise would make any impact without a corresponding check on the fatty foods consumed.

The other important truth one must know about exercise and weight loss is that it is a must for weight maintenance. While exercise would ensure complete weight maintenance, there would be no weight loss without exercise. Even if one eats all the best food in the world without exercising regularly he would never achieve the aim of weight loss. The physical activity must be addressed if one must maintain a good weight and healthy living.

The Truth about Exercise and Weight Loss is that the patient must address both diet and exercise. You cannot talk of exercise in weight control without talking about diet. It is amazing that somebody could spend about 30 minutes a day on exercise consume healthy food for the rest of the day and would be expected that the exercise alone would do the magic. While the person works harder to exercise he must also control the type of food he consumes. The truth is that exercises could not burn half of the calories that are added to the body by the consumption of unhealthy foods. Most people who are obese who fail to control their diet end up burning about 30 percent of the food they consume the same day. There should be a complete change of lifestyle for the exercise to be productive.

The exercise machines could not give out the whole information about the calorie levels in the body. The equipment is better in recording the amount of calories that are burnt but does not disclose the amount of calories that are gained by eating. One should not rely on the calorie reading of the exercise machines as there are some other physical activities which the patients must have performed for the day which the machine would not record. The reading of the exercise machine is only a guide and does not tell all the calorie stories.

One important truth about exercise and weight loss is that a daily work out would not be enough for the patient to achieve the robust health he is seeking for. One has to make an exercise plan that would be more than the daily workout. He could combine the daily workout with the performance of some physical activities in the home.