Exercise Workouts for your Abs

Exercise Workouts For Your Abs You Should Try
There are different exercise workouts for your abs. These exercises usually involve multiple muscles. This helps to work your ABS in ways more functional. The essence of involving the multiple muscles is to burn as much calories as possible during such a workout. This is a great advantage for those who want to shed weight and remain healthy. There is different equipment which could be used for these exercises. These are also very useful in building the core strength.

One of the exercises is the ball crunch. This involves lying with the ball resting on the lower back of the patients. The patient will hold the hands either in the chest or he holds it behind his head. The abs should be contracted to lift the torso away from the ball, at the same time pulling the rib cage toward the hips. The ball would remain stable as the patients curl up and down the ball.

Another type of abs exercise includes the crunch and the reach. Ball is also used for this type of exercise. The ball is placed on the ground and the patient spreads his body over it. The patient contracts the abs to shift the weight over your head, he crunches and twists to the right and up again. This process is continued until the patient gets tired. The contracting and twisting should be done sideways.

Another form of abs exercise is the modified plant. To begin this exercise the patient starts by having his elbow on the floor, resting the body on his knees. The abs is holding tight in a straight mode starting from the head to the knees. This should be done without a sag in the middle, the same time the eyes are focused forward. It is important that this position should be maintained as long as the person could do. The exercise could be repeated for about three times or more.

The knee tucks are another form of abs exercise. This is usually done with the same ball under the patient’s ankle or shins. The ball is then rolled towards the feet, tightening the albs in the process.

Another popular albs exercise is the woodchops. This is very popular among men and women who want to shed weight. A resistance band is used for the exercise. One end of the band is tied to a sturdy item and has it wrapped in the hand. This is to create tension on the band. With the band in both hands one could be rotating his body around the band. The arms must be straight while the rotation with the band is going on. The process could be repeated several times until he becomes tired of the exercise.

Another important Exercise workouts for your abs is the hip extension on a ball. One does this type of exercise with the heels of the feet on the ball. This keeps the abs tight. He gradually lifts his hips off the floor squeezing his buttocks in the process until he lies straight again. He holds for some seconds and bends again for several times until he becomes tired. There are several of such exercises and these are just a few of them. People are encouraged to do any of these exercises as it is good for the body in several ways.