5 Best Abs Exercises to Work Your Core to Exhaustion

The 5 Best Abs Exercises to Work Your Core to Exhaustion

Obesity is one major cause of death that is a big worry to many people in the West and the United States of America. In America, it is the second biggest cause of death. This is a worry because it is a preventable cause of death. Because of the alarming rate of the problem in the world billions of dollars were committed over the years to find the final solution to this problem. From all the research conducted about the problem, it is discovered that it is the cause of such health challenges like: Coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, colon cancer, breast cancer as well as type 2 diabetes and few others. The general agreement is that there should be a serious effort to curb overweight if obesity is to be curbed. Several programs are being implemented to cure overweight. Exercises are included in the program to put an end overweight for the obese people around the world. There are at least 5 best abs exercises to work your core to exhaustion if you an obese patient.

Regular crunches are not included in the best exercises for the abs. This is not good because it strains the back as well as the neck of the patient. The best form of exercise for ABS includes the hanging knee raises, reverse crunches, the crunches on an exercise ball and a few others. We shall have a review of a few of them here.

One of abs exercises includes the reverse the crunch exercise. This usually involves the replacement of the forward crunches with the reverse crunches. The way it is done is by lying on the floor and having the two legs raised in the air. The knees are bent at ninety degrees. The lower portion of the leg is hanging parallel to the floor. The exercise is completed when the knees are made to touch the chest and move forward again. This could be repeated several times until one becomes tired. The evidence that the body is actually feeling the exercise is when it starts to sweat. This could be done until the patience is exhausted.

One of the 5 Best Abs Exercises to Work Your Core to Exhaustion is the crunches on the exercise ball. This one is very effective especially when it is done on the floor. The calories that are burnt through this exercise are enormous. Different ranges are added and the person keeps on trying all the ranges that are added until he is exhausted. This exercise could be more challenging when the patient uses a dumbbell above the shoulder to work it out. This is an effective way of burning some of the stubborn calories out of the body system.

Another exercise includes the hanging of the knee raises. This is very popular because lots of calories are spent through it. These are recommended for the 5 pack abs or more. For those that want to lose belly fast they are recommending another type of exercise. Although this is good, it does not work on bellies fast.